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We craft a variety of long-lasting fences and custom gates. We recommend the following to keep your fence looking great:

  • Keep sprinklers pointed away from the fence.
  • Avoid having any vegetation sitting on the fence.



We install all types of wood fences. If you are looking for a custom design please just let us know and we will be more than happy to provide a unique solution for your yard. All our posts are ‘crowned’ allowing the water to run off the cement keeping the post from soaking in water and rotting. Additionally, all the posts and rails are built with pressured treated redwood.

Stain or paint your fence to protect it from water, UV rays, termites, and dry rot. Painting or staining can increase the life of your fence by years!

Wrought Iron and Aluminum


Ornamental Iron and Aluminum is a beautiful and secure fence option for your property.  A wonderful positive with ornamental iron is that there are many design options. We gladly accept custom projects.

Chain Link


Galvanized posts are standard and vinyl chain link is standard. A variety of colors can be chosen but black and green are standard. 70% visibility is standard but other percentages are available.



Vinyl is a growing in popularity due to its low maintenance and durability. The selection of products and vendors continues to increase. We stay connected to a number of vendors. We encourage you to look at their products as each vendor has different styles and benefits.


Staining and Painting


Staining preserves your fence making it last longer! We use a variety of different products in order to keep your fence lasting longer. Our warranty varies on the product being used and the environmental conditions. We offer ‘good neighbor’ discounts when both sides are stained.

American Fence Association

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The AFA promotes the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and product standards, through the education and certification of its members.

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